What Is Natural Language Understanding NLU?

How Does Natural Language Understanding NLU Work in AI?

how does natural language understanding nlu work

These include accuracy, precision, recall, F1 score, and the ability to generalize. For example, in NLU, various ML algorithms are used to identify the sentiment, perform Name Entity Recognition (NER), process semantics, etc. NLU algorithms often operate on text that has already been standardized by text pre-processing steps. NLP is an umbrella term which encompasses any and everything related to making machines able to process natural language—be it receiving the input, understanding the input, or generating a response. With Akkio’s intuitive interface and built-in training models, even beginners can create powerful AI solutions.

  • Natural language understanding systems let organizations create products or tools that can both understand words and interpret their meaning.
  • Beyond contact centers, NLU is being used in sales and marketing automation, virtual assistants, and more.
  • Given how they intersect, they are commonly confused within conversation, but in this post, we’ll define each term individually and summarize their differences to clarify any ambiguities.
  • In [Badaloni and Berati, 1994], Badaloni and Berati use different time scales in an attempt to reduce the complexity of planning problems.
  • Analysis ranges from shallow, such as word-based statistics that ignore word order, to deep, which implies the use of ontologies and parsing.

This enables computers to understand and respond to the sentiments expressed in natural language text. NLU is a field of computer science that focuses on understanding the meaning of human language rather than just individual words. A Corpus is a large collection of machine-readable texts from natural language. A Corpus consists of anything based on written or spoken language, from newspapers, recipes, podcasts or even social media posts. For example, Corpus for image recognition has images such as drawings linked to the texts.

Pipeline of natural language processing in artificial intelligence

Parse sentences into subject-action-object form and identify entities and keywords that are subjects or objects of an action. Expert.ai Answers makes every step of the support process easier, faster and less expensive both for the customer and the support staff. Natural language understanding can also detect inconsistencies between the sender’s email address and the content of the message that could indicate a phishing attack.

how does natural language understanding nlu work

Multitask learning is a process where a single model is trained on multiple tasks at the same time. Domain adaptation is a process where a model is trained in one domain and then adapted to work in another domain. Unsupervised learning is a process where the model is trained on unlabeled data and must learn the patterns in the data without prior knowledge. Unsupervised learning techniques such as clustering, dimensionality reduction, and anomaly detection are used to train NLU models.


Autoregressive (AR) models are statistical and time series models used to analyze and forecast data points based on their previous… Neri Van Otten is a machine learning and software engineer with over 12 years of Natural Language Processing (NLP) experience. It involves achieving deeper contextual understanding, personalized experiences, cognitive understanding, emotion recognition, and ethical considerations.

  • Detecting sarcasm, irony, and humour in the text is a particularly intricate challenge for NLU systems.
  • It works in concert with ASR to turn a transcript of what someone has said into actionable commands.
  • NLU is branch of natural language processing (NLP), which helps computers understand and interpret human language by breaking down the elemental pieces of speech.
  • A typical machine learning model for text classification, by contrast, uses only term frequency (i.e. the number of times a particular term appears in a data corpus) to determine the intent of a query.

Hence the breadth and depth of “understanding” aimed at by a system determine both the complexity of the system (and the implied challenges) and the types of applications it can deal with. The “breadth” of a system is measured by the sizes of its vocabulary and grammar. The “depth” is measured by the degree to which its understanding approximates that of a fluent native speaker.

Algolia’s approach to NLU

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What Is Natural Language Understanding NLU?
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